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Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
32Eyelash Roller Large Large32C$10.99
320Stencil F: F11320C$3.00
321Stencil F: F12321C$3.00
322Stencil F: F13322C$3.00
323Stencil F: F14323C$3.00
324Stencil F: F15324C$3.00
3245OPI Competition 3000 Point3245C$43.70
3249OPI Wedge Competition 30003249C$46.85
325Stencil F: F16325C$3.00
3251OPI Competition Striper3251C$31.20
3259OPI 6 Artist Series Oval Gel3259C$24.95
326Stencil F: F17326C$3.00
3260OPI 2 Artist Series Mini Gel3260C$31.20
3261OPI 6 Universal Oval Gel Brush3261C$23.50
3262OPI Oval Artist Acrylic Brush3262C$69.95
3263OPI Oval Artist Acrylic Brush3263C$62.45
3264OPI Petite Kolinsky Fine Point3264C$28.75
3265OPI Petite Flat Edge Brush3265C$26.85
3267OPI Golden Edge Brush3267C$38.95
3268OPI Golden Oval Brush3268C$38.95
3269Total Manicure Naturale3269C$4.99 C$2.50
327Stencil F: F18327C$3.00
3271Total Manicure Alpha Omega3271C$4.99 C$2.50
3277Dannyco Satin Black S Small3277C$12.49
328Stencil F: F19328C$3.00
3280Ikonna Toe Separator 120 Pairs Bag3280C$37.49
329Stencil F: F20329C$3.00
33Eyelash Roller Medium Medium33C$9.99
330Stencil F: F21330C$3.00
331Stencil F: F22331C$3.00
332Stencil F: F23332C$3.00
3328Spa Moisture Mask Mandarin 64 oz3328C$64.95 C$51.96
333Stencil F: F24333C$3.00
334Stencil F: F25334C$3.00
335Stencil F: F26335C$3.00
336Stencil F: F27336C$3.00
337Stencil F: F28337C$3.00
338Stencil F: F29338C$3.00
339Stencil F: F30339C$3.00
340Stencil F: F31340C$3.00
341Stencil F: F32341C$3.00
342Stencil F: F33342C$3.00
343Stencil F: F34343C$3.00
344Stencil F: F35344C$3.00
345Stencil F: F36345C$3.00
346Stencil F: F37346C$3.00
348Stencil F: F39348C$3.00
349Stencil F: F40349C$3.00
350Stencil F: F41350C$3.00
351Stencil F: F42351C$3.00
352Stencil F: F43352C$3.00
353Stencil F: F44353C$3.00
354Stencil F: F45354C$3.00
355Stencil F: F46355C$3.00
356Stencil F: F47356C$3.00
357Stencil F: F48357C$3.00
358Stencil F: F49358C$3.00
359Stencil F: F50359C$3.00
36Sterilizer Jar with Metal Lid36C$5.25
360Stencil F: F51360C$3.00
361Air Brush Poster - F Series361C$9.99
364Blossom Cuticle Oil Honeysuckle 27.3 ml364C$9.95
375Accel Foot Pedal Control375C$29.99
38Cotton Container Large38C$3.99
394Machine Hanger Stainless Steel394C$9.99
398Mehaz Edge Cutter Black398C$35.00
41Personal Box Pink41C$2.99
412NSI Brush Touch Tip Blue 5412C$24.95
414NSI File Endurance 100/100 50/Pack414C$99.95
415NSI File Endurance 150/150 50/Pack415C$99.95
416NSI File Endurance 180/180 50/Pack416C$99.95
418INM Top Coat Hologram Silver 2.5 oz418C$24.95
419NSI Nail Pure Plus 8.4oz419C$14.95
421Glaze 'n Go Sealant 15ml .5 oz421C$16.95
424Light Fantastic Builder Fill .5 oz424C$12.95
426Light Fantastic White Builder .5 oz426C$12.95
432NSI Cleanse Small 2 oz432C$8.95
436Attraction Nail Liquid XLarge 32 oz436C$99.95
437Attraction Nail Liquid Medium 8 oz437C$55.95
453Attraction Sheer Pink 130 g453C$49.95

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