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Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
2822NSI Purify Clean Scent 8 oz2822C$19.95
2824Balance Clear UV Gel Forms 300/Roll2824C$24.95
2876Buffer Block Purple 60/100 500/Box2876C$250.00
2877Buffer Block Orange 100/120 500/Box2877C$250.00
288Milken Sanding Band Fine 180 100/Box288C$9.95
2880Buffer Block 4 Way Natural 270/Box2880C$299.95
2884Light Fantastic Builder Clear 2 oz2884C$39.95
2886Buffer File Coffin 3 Way 500/Box2886C$350.00
2888Buffer Slim White 100/120 500/Box2888C$175.00
2899Wahl Chromini Trimmer2899C$129.99 C$99.95
29Osaka 12 Gel Detail Brush29C$15.99
2903Miracle Callus Remover Large2903C$6.75
2908Nipper Curved Cuticle R/SPRG 4.5 cm2908C$14.99
2909Nipper Toe Nail w/ Lock 5.5"2909C$22.50
291Color Chart Rectangle291C$3.00
2910Tweezer Slanted Red2910C$9.00
2911Tweezer Sharp Eyebrow w/ Grove2911C$9.00
2912Tweezer Curved Long 6"2912C$9.00
2913Tweezer Flat Curved 4.5"2913C$9.00
2914Niko Braided Airbrush Hose 12' length2914C$19.99
2916Ikonna Gimo Carousel Flower 22916C$7.99
2917Ikonna Gimo Carousel Flower 12917C$7.99
2918Ikonna Gimo Carousel Fruit2918C$9.99
2919Accel Professional Rotary Tool2919C$79.99
2923Ikonna Foot Pedal Control2923C$29.99
2925Jar with Lid Small 1.625"2925C$5.99
2926Polish Corrector Tips Thick2926C$0.50
293Empty Bottle Acetone 8 oz293C$1.65
2938Business Card Holder Porcelain2938C$7.99
2941Rhinestones Dark Purple 1440/Pack2941C$14.99 C$7.50
2942Rhinestones Light Red 1440/Pack2942C$14.99 C$7.50
2943Rhinestones Light Orange 1440/Pack2943C$14.99 C$7.50
2947Rhinestones Neon Green 1440/Pack2947C$14.99 C$7.50
2949Rhinestones Dark Blue 1440/Pack2949C$14.99 C$7.50
295Empty Bottle Lotion 8 oz295C$1.65
2950Rhinestones Blue 1440/Pack2950C$14.99 C$7.50
2965Dannyco NOVA-6 Scissors 6"2965C$149.95
297Empty Bottle Hand Soap 8 oz297C$1.65
2972BabylissPro Vinyl White M Medium2972C$19.95
2976Le Pro Cutting Cape2976C$18.95
298Empty Bottle Cuticle Oil 8 oz298C$1.65
299Empty Bottle Cuticle Softener 16 oz299C$1.95
300Empty Bottle Acetone 16 oz300C$1.95
301Empty Bottle Alcohol 16 oz301C$1.95
302Empty Bottle Lotion 16 oz302C$1.95
303Empty Bottle Liquid 16 oz303C$1.95
304Empty Bottle Hand Soap 16 oz304C$1.95
305Empty Bottle Cuticle Oil 16 oz305C$1.95
3069Red Cherry Lashes D/LP3069C$6.00 C$4.80
3072Red Cherry Lashes D/0113072C$6.00 C$4.80
3073Red Cherry Lashes D/0123073C$6.00 C$4.80
3078Red Cherry Lashes D/6063078C$6.00 C$4.80
3085Red Cherry Lashes XO/LP3085C$6.00 C$4.80
3086Red Cherry Lashes XOS/CP3086C$6.00 C$4.80
3087Red Cherry Lashes C 2013087C$6.00 C$4.80
3089Red Cherry Lashes C 2033089C$6.00 C$4.80
3094Red Cherry Lashes C 2083094C$6.00 C$4.80
3098Red Cherry Lashes C 2123098C$6.00 C$4.80
310Stencil F: F01310C$3.00
3103Red Cherry Lashes C 4053103C$6.00 C$4.80
3108Red Cherry Lashes C 4103108C$6.00 C$4.80
3117Red Cherry Lashes F0023117C$7.50 C$6.00
312Stencil F: F03312C$3.00
3122Red Cherry Lashes Good Times3122C$6.00 C$4.80
3124Red Cherry Lashes Spider Web3124C$10.00 C$8.00
3128Red Cherry Lashes White3128C$7.50 C$6.00
313Stencil F: F04313C$3.00
314Stencil F: F05314C$3.00
315Stencil F: F06315C$3.00
3150Satin Smooth Honey Argan Wax 14 oz3150C$18.75
316Stencil F: F07316C$3.00
317Stencil F: F08317C$3.00
3173Spa Sea Salt Soak Mandarin 64 oz3173C$64.95
318Stencil F: F09318C$3.00
3187All-purpose Waterproof Apron3187C$14.95
3188Dannyco All-purpose Apron3188C$22.50
3189Stain Protection Gel 240 ml3189C$11.25
319Stencil F: F10319C$3.00
3191BaBylissPro Timer Black3191C$8.75
32Eyelash Roller Large Large32C$10.99

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