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4262Art Club Clay Green Lemon4262C$4.99 C$2.99
4263Art Club Clay Watermelon4263C$4.99 C$2.99
4264Art Club Clay Watermelon Yellow4264C$4.99 C$2.99
4266Art Club Clay Kiwi4266C$4.99 C$2.99
4267Art Club Clay Mango4267C$4.99 C$2.99
4268Art Club Clay Pumpkin4268C$4.99 C$2.99
4272Art Club Threads Bronze4272C$4.99 C$2.99
4273Art Club Threads Mixed Metallic4273C$4.99 C$2.99
4274Art Club Threads Pink4274C$4.99 C$2.99
4275Art Club Threads Red4275C$4.99 C$2.99
4276Art Club Threads Aqua4276C$4.99 C$2.99
4277Art Club Threads Fuschia4277C$4.99 C$2.99
4278Art Club Threads Green4278C$4.99 C$2.99
4279Art Club Threads Black4279C$4.99 C$2.99
4295Color Club 906 Secret Rendezvou 15 ml4295C$3.99
4296Color Club 907 Sheer Disguise 15 ml4296C$3.99 C$2.00
4297OPI A-taupe the Space Needle 15 ml4297C$8.31
4305Gigi Deluxe Dual Wax Warmer4305C$149.95
4332BaBylissPro Tourmaline 500 Iron 1-1/4"4332C$56.00
4335BabylissPro Hair Clips Metal 36/Box4335C$16.25
4336Le Pro Unisexed Zippered Vest One Size4336C$45.00
4338Le Pro Zipper Pocket Apron One Size4338C$20.00
516CND Retention + Liquid Gallon516C$295.00
522CND Radical Solar Liquid Gallon522C$295.00
532CND Perfect Color Clear 32 oz532C$195.00
536CND Perfect Color Natural Sheer 32 oz536C$195.00
540CND Perfect Color Blush Pink 32 oz540C$195.00
544CND Perfect Color Pure Pink 32 oz544C$195.00
548CND Perfect Color Intense Pink 32 oz548C$195.00
562CND Perfect Color Pure White 32 oz562C$195.00
4349NSI Vanish Cuticle Remover .5 oz4349C$6.95
4356Light Fantastic Builder Fill 2 oz4356C$39.95
4364Art Club 094 Jewel in the Crown .25 oz4364C$3.50 C$1.75
4371Art Club 101 Perfectly Pastel .25 oz4371C$3.50
4368Art Club 098 Shimmery Waters .25 oz4368C$3.50 C$1.75
4367Art Club 1021 Magenta .25 oz4367C$3.50
4369Art Club 099 Plush Lush .25 oz4369C$3.50 C$1.75
4365Art Club 095 Statuesque .25 oz4365C$3.50 C$1.75
4372Art Club 102 Teal Twinkle .25 oz4372C$3.50 C$1.75
4373Art Club 103 Purple Crush .25 oz4373C$3.50
4374Art Club 104 Freesia Spirit .25 oz4374C$3.50 C$1.75
4386Shellac Iced Cappuccino .25 oz4386C$19.95
4383Shellac Strawberry Smoothie .25 oz4383C$19.95
4390Shellac Rose Bud .25 oz4390C$19.95
4394Shellac Negligee .25 oz4394C$19.95
4419OPI I Eat Mainly Lobster 15 ml4419C$8.31
4432Pure Color 6 3D Nail Art Brush4432C$13.50
4436Ginza 15 Nail Art Gel Brush4436C$7.99
4437Ginza 16 Nail Art Gel Brush4437C$7.99
4438Ginza 17 Nail Art Gel Brush4438C$7.99
4441Eight Function Steamer4441C$1,995.00
4463Dermalyss Blue Lagoon Wax 20 oz4463C$11.99
4464Dermalyss Pink Cream Wax 20 oz4464C$11.99
4472OPI It's Totally Forth Worth It 15 ml4472C$8.31
4495Cold Wave Rods Short WHT 12/Bag4495C$3.00
4494Cold Wave Rods Long GRY 12/Bag4494C$3.50
4492Cold Wave Rods Long SNDY 12/Bag4492C$3.50
4491Cold Wave Rods Long ORG 12/Bag4491C$3.50
4493Cold Wave Rods Long WHT 12/Bag4493C$2.50
4487Cold Wave Rods Long GRN 6/Bag4487C$3.50
4486Cold Wave Neck Tray4486C$8.74
4496Cold Wave Rods Short PNK 12/Bag4496C$3.00
4499OPI Absolute Makeover Pink 125 g4499C$42.95
4520OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel 15 ml4520C$8.31
3776Amazing Shine Juicy Lemonade Small3776C$3.99
4379Dannyco Head Turban4379C$7.50
4505OPI Bond-Aid 104 ml4505C$39.00
4530Gehwol Balm Normal Skin 75 ml4530C$14.99
4536Shellac Hollywood .25 oz4536C$19.95
4537Shellac Masquerade .25 oz4537C$19.95
4539Shellac Decadence .25 oz4539C$19.95
4541Shellac Gotcha .25 oz4541C$19.95
4542Shellac Rock Royalty .25 oz4542C$19.95
4578Chair Styling Star Base 21104578C$399.00
4579Chair Styling Round Base 21104579C$395.00
4580Chair Styling Round Base 21124580C$495.00
4582Chair Styling Round Base 18014582C$395.00
4583Chair Styling Round Base 18184583C$399.00
4584Chair Styling Star Base 21154584C$399.00
4585Chair Styling Round Base 21154585C$495.00

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