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Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
2348Striping Tape Silver2348C$2.60
2349Striping Tape Black2349C$2.60
2350Striping Tape Pink2350C$2.60
2353Milken Sanding Band Coarse 80 100/Box2353C$9.95
2355Empty Bottle Cuticle Softener 8 oz2355C$1.65
2357Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0092357C$1.99 C$1.00
2361Attraction Radiant Pink 130 g2361C$49.95
2362Attraction Radiant Pink 700 g2362C$139.95
2363Attraction Purely Pink 40 g2363C$19.95
2364Attraction Purely Pink 130 g2364C$49.95
2365Attraction Purely Pink Masque 40 g2365C$19.95
2367Balance Builder Sheer Pink .5 oz2367C$24.95
2368Balance Builder Sheer Pink 4 oz2368C$89.95
2369Balance Builder Blush .5 oz2369C$24.95
2371Balance Builder Radiant Pink .5 oz2371C$24.95
2373Balance Builder Radiant Pink 4 oz2373C$89.95
2375Balance BB Clear 1 oz2375C$44.95
2376Balance BB Clear 4 oz2376C$89.95
2377Balance BB Soft White .5 oz2377C$24.95
2379Balance BB French Pink 1 oz2379C$44.95
238Wahl #1-2-3-4 Clipper Guide SET of 4238C$9.99
2381Balance BB Cover Pink Warm 1 oz2381C$44.95
2383Balance Builder Sheer Pink 1 oz2383C$44.95
2434IBD Soak Off Dance Floor 7 g2434C$14.95
2439Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0102439C$1.99 C$1.00
2441IBD Soak Off Cover Charge 7 g2441C$14.95
2442IBD Soak Off That's My Song 7 g2442C$14.95
2443SS Non-woven Roll 3"x120"2443C$14.95
2444Balance BB Cover Pink .5 oz2444C$24.95
2445Balance BB Cover Pink 1 oz2445C$44.95
2446BabylissPro Foil Roll Light 1 lb2446C$14.95
2447Nail Art Design Wall Display2447C$12.99
2448Nail Art Design Display Stand2448C$11.99
2457Jumbo Pencil Purple Passion 3.5 g2457C$2.50
2458Jumbo Pencil Natural Taupe 3.5 g2458C$2.50
2459Jumbo Pencil Aqua Blue 3.5 g2459C$2.50
2462BR Elegant Blusher Kit2462C$4.50 C$2.25
2465BR Elegant 6 Eyeshadow #22465C$6.50 C$3.25
2466BR Elegant 6 Eyeshadow #12466C$6.50 C$3.25
2468Sure Fit Earloop Face Mask PNK 50/Box2468C$24.99
2473Hot Towel Cabi Plus Large2473C$299.99
2478ManiSation Hand Wash .5 oz2478C$1.00
2479ManiSation Manicure Lotion .5 oz2479C$1.00
2480Plastic Twist-Lock Pump 4 oz2480C$4.95
2481Pumi Bar Purple Extra Coarse 12/Box2481C$32.00
2482Pumi Bar Purple Extra Coarse Single2482C$2.99
2486ManiSation Manicure Exfoliant .5 oz2486C$1.00
2487Pumi Bar Ultimate Coarse Medium 12/Box2487C$32.00
2491Total Immersion Brush Cleaner2491C$4.99
2494Diamond Carbide Stand Black2494C$5.99
2514Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0112514C$1.99 C$1.00
2518Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0122518C$1.99 C$1.00
252Deluxe Salon Appointment Book 6252C$14.95
2528La Palm Skin Refresher Green Gallon2528C$24.00
253Deluxe Salon Appointment Book 8253C$16.95
2550Osaka 6 Gel Detail Brush2550C$10.99
2551Berkeley 3D Nail Decal2551C$1.99 C$1.00
2553Osaka 8 Gel Detail Brush WB2553C$12.99
2556Osaka 10 Gel Detail Brush2556C$14.99
256Airbrush Dome-Shaped Desk Top256C$11.00
2560La Palm BondAid 4 oz2560C$6.95
2561Osaka 14 Gel Detail Brush2561C$16.99
2563Nail Polish Thinner Blue 16 oz2563C$16.00
2568Quick Dry Top Coat .5 oz2568C$2.95
257Artistic Design Acrylic Display257C$11.00
2571Air Brush Top Coat Glow .5 oz2571C$3.99
2574La Palm Non-Acid Nail Primer 4 oz2574C$13.50
2577Paris Pumice Sponge Small 24/Box2577C$29.99
2578Paris Pumice Sponge Large Box2578C$34.99
2579Paris Pumice Sponge Small Single2579C$1.75
2584La Palm Alcohol 70% SM 16 oz2584C$9.95
2586Air Brush Top Coat Clear .5 oz2586C$2.99
2589Crystal Butterfly Shaped Dish2589C$6.99
259Daniel Stone Pink Dot Tool 2 Single259C$2.99
2591Blossom Cuticle Oil Jasmine 12.5 ml2591C$5.95
2593Blossom Cuticle Oil Hibiscus 12.5 ml2593C$5.95
2596Blossom Cuticle Oil Orange 12.5 ml2596C$5.95
2602Starry Rosehip Lip Gloss .5 oz2602C$5.56
2603Starry Beeswax Lip Care Single2603C$3.99
2604Starry Magic Mood Lip Gloss .21 oz2604C$2.75

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