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Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
1665Buffer Slim Orange Blk 100/180 500/Box1665C$150.00
1666Buffer Slim Purple 60/100 500/Box1666C$150.00
1667Buffer Block White 120 500/Box1667C$275.00
168Silkline Paraffin Bath Large168C$169.95
169Silkline Paraffin Bath Medium169C$87.49
1695NSI Buffer Endurance 180/240 25/Pack1695C$99.95
17Ginza 3 One Side Marbler17C$7.99
176Satin Smooth Citrus Mojito Wax 14 oz176C$18.75
1770BR Dual Blushes Kit1770C$3.50
1771BR 12 Hole Eyeshadow Compact1771C$6.25 C$3.13
1773Silicone Protective Mat Blue1773C$9.99
1775Princessa 01P Pearl Rich Black .25 g1775C$1.99
1778Princessa 36P Pearl Blackberry .25 g1778C$1.99
1783Princessa 146P Pearl Frou .25 g1783C$1.99
1785Princessa 176P Pearl Slate Blue .25 g1785C$1.99
1787Princessa 191P Pearl Silver .25 g1787C$1.99
1789Princessa 10 Queens Brown .25 g1789C$1.99
1795Princessa 31 Classic Bronze .25 G1795C$1.99
18Ginza 4 Yellow Fan Brush18C$7.99
1802Princessa 173 Earth .25 g1802C$1.99
1803Princessa 178 Dark Orchid .25 G1803C$1.99
1804Princessa 182 Indian Red .25 g1804C$1.99
188Satin Smooth Satin Cleanser 4 oz188C$8.75
189Satin Smooth Satin Release 4 oz189C$11.95
1898Gibson's Towels 500/Pkg1898C$69.95
1899BaBylissPro Digital Iron Blue 1"1899C$100.00
190Satin Smooth Satin Cool 4 oz190C$8.75
1901Babyliss Extraction Hooks1901C$11.95
1907Epillyss Azulen Post Oil 3 Litre1907C$43.70
1908File Black 100/100 50/Pack1908C$24.95
191Satin Smooth Satin Hydrate 4 oz191C$8.75
1913File Jumbo Black Blue 100/100 50/Pack1913C$29.95
1920OPI Expert Touch Polish Remover 1 oz1920C$2.50
1921OPI Expert Touch Polish Remover 4 oz1921C$4.70
1927OPI Hot & Spicy 15 ml1927C$8.31
1931OPI A Good Man-darin is Hard to 15 ml1931C$8.31
1933OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry 15 ml1933C$8.31
1953File White White 100/100 Single1953C$1.00
1955File White White 180/180 Single1955C$1.00
1961Pumice Pad Single1961C$1.50
1962Pumi Bar by Mr. Pumice Single1962C$2.00
1963Nail Clipper Curve Single1963C$1.99
1964Germicidal Cabinet1964C$249.95
20Ginza 6 Liner Shader Brush20C$7.50
202Le Pro Spa Wraparound S-M S-M202C$29.95
2023Swarovski Crystal SS5 1440/Pack2023C$69.95
203Le Pro Spa Wraparound L-XL L-XL203C$29.95
205Extractor Comedo Silkline205C$10.50
2068Nail Art Rubber Stamper2068C$1.25
2070Color Acrylic Powder Single2070C$3.60
208Silkline Disposable Wipes Large 200/Pack208C$12.95
2080OPI Happy Anniversary 15 ml2080C$8.31
2083OPI Up Front & Personal 15 ml2083C$8.31
209Graham Sanek Neck Strips Box209C$24.95
2097OPI Do You Lilac It? 15 ml2097C$8.31
2111OPI Teal The Cows Come Home 15 ml2111C$8.31
2115OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy 15 ml2115C$8.31
2125OPI On Collins Ave. 15 ml2125C$8.31
2146OPI On The Same Paige 15 ml2146C$8.31
2147OPI The "It" Color 15 ml2147C$8.31
2151OPI Over The Taupe 15 ml2151C$8.31
2153OPI Red 15 ml2153C$8.31
2164OPI California Raspberry 15 ml2164C$8.31
2165OPI Pompeii Purple 15 ml2165C$8.31
2167OPI Nomad's Dream 15 ml2167C$8.31
2169OPI Dutch Tulips 15 ml2169C$8.31
2170OPI My Chihuahua Bites! 15 ml2170C$8.31
2187Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0082187C$1.99 C$1.00
22Ginza 11 Striper Art Brush22C$7.50
2212Princessa Cafe Latte .21 oz2212C$2.60
2213Princessa Cocoa .21 oz2213C$2.60
2219Gena Pedi Soft Lotion 8.5 oz2219C$9.95
228Wahl Lithium Half Pint PDQ228C$18.50
230Wahl Peanut Black Trimmer Kit230C$69.95
232Wahl Peanut White Trimmer Kit232C$69.95
2326BabylissPro Foil Roll Heavy 1 lb2326C$14.95
2327Dannyco Foil Roll Heavy 5 lb2327C$43.00
2328BabylissPro Foil Roll Light 5 lb2328C$43.00
2346Deluxe Salon Appointment Book 22346C$9.95
2347Deluxe Salon Appointment Book 42347C$13.95

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