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NSI Nail Steamer Remover

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 NSI Nail Steamer Remover
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Product Description

The NSI Nail Steamer Remover is excellent for removing nail products such as: Acrylics, Rubberbase, Gel Polish, manicures, Nail Dipping Systems, and more. A must-have tool for any nail technician!

The NSI Nail Steamer Remover is designed to make removing gel polish simple and painless. The gel Steamer Remover heats and warms up your Soak Off Remover to speed up removal of enhancement products. It is a great addition to any salon and a pampering upgrade from the old ways of removing nail product with soaking or wrapping with foil. No more scraping and scrubbing to get your clients nails back to their natural state. After just a few minutes, you can easily wipe away the product. Then the nails are ready for a new look.

It works by gently heating Soothing Soak off Remover to speed up removal process, the Nail Steamer traps moisture and steam to circulate the air around the nails. The steam then penetrates beneath the product, softening and lifting it away from the natural nail. The Steamer Remover is a fast and efficient nail removal technology that creates a pampering experience for your clients. Removing your clients gel polish in just minutes!

SKU: 21982

UPC: 0840724008025

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