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Nail Addict French Leopard Kit

 Ardell Duo
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 Nail Addict French Leopard Kit
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Product Description


Rawr! Get fierce, cat-fight-ready nail looks with Ardells Nail Addict French Leopard kit. Definitely not for the shy, fitted with animal print-arched French tips! Now youre ready to pounce on good times when they come your way. Take a walk on the wild side with super glam nail looks when you try these bad babies on today!

Wild Leopard French Nails: Time to rock out! The Ardell Nail Addict French Leopard nail kit is here to take you on a wild ride. Gets you all fine and fierce with glittery gold-studded leopard pattern arched French tips. Intricately crafted onto a natural-looking glossy light beige almond silhouette nail. Lets go!
Fantastic French Design: The Ardell French Leopard false nail kit is part of the Nail Addict French Nails series. A collection of lovely modern and classic twists on the timeless French nail design. From subtle to wild, youre sure to find one that matches your personal style!
All-In-One Package: Oh yes! Get super sexy nails right where you are with the Ardell Nail Addict French Leopard. Everything you could ever need is right here. No more running around! This complete false nail kit package includes 24 savage French Leopard nails, Ardell nail glue, a mini nail file, and a handy manicure stick.
Fast and Easy False Nail Application: Never miss out on lifes most beautiful moments! Never get caught with boring nails again with the Ardell Nail Addict French Leopard. So easy to put on! Just clean and buff your nails, lay on a thin layer of glue, then press on a matching French Leopard for 10-15 seconds. Shape with the mini file. Thats it! MEOW!

How To Use
1. Clean and lightly buff nail.
2. Select a nail tip that fits your natural nail.
3. Apply a thin layer of glue to natural nail.
4. Place nail tip over natural nail and hold firmly for 10-15 seconds.
If needed, file nails to desired length and shape.

Soak in acetone polish remover until adhesive dissolves. Do not break or peel off nails.

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, BHA
Size: Kit

SKU: 21222

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