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Art Club Rainbow Stars Pink

 Color Club
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 Art Club Rainbow Stars Pink
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Product Description

Similar to Color Club's Hologram Stars - Rainbow Stars are the same shape and hollow inside but this time, they are grouped chromatically. Different hues of the same shade are paired together in small nail art jars. The color schemes are vibrant and really accent a manicure well. When wearing these stars you can still see the primary nail polish color underneath, so all in all - it's just a burst of color! These rainbow star nail art sprinkles are available in white, pink, blue, green, yellow, red, black and orange.


Apply Top Coat to clean nail.
Using tweezers, apply Sprinkles.
Seal with Top Coat.
Sprinkles may be used with Clear Acrylic or Gel overlay.

SKU: 4176

UPC: 0646751183342

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