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Jelly Stamper Scraper Round Set

 Color Club
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 Jelly Stamper Scraper Round Set
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Product Description

Nail art has never been easier! Our Clear Jelly Stamper allows for perfect nail art placement every time. Great for patterns, landscapes, and large nail art. 2-piece set includes Clear Jelly Stamper with Scraper.

1.Remove protective sticker (film) on plate
2.Apply Nail Lacquer on to selected design
3.Remove excess nail lacquer with scraper at a 45-degree angle using a quick sweeping method and LIGHT pressure.
4.Use stamper to pick up the design with a firm and rolling motion
5.Apply the design onto the nail using a firm and rolling motion
6.Apply Top Coat to seal the design for a longer lasting result

Tips & Tricks

Prep the stamper by gently buffing the surface with a 180 grit or higher buffer. Wipe with Alcohol. (Dont do it multiple times)

Be sure to be quick so that polish doesnt dry. Once its dry the stamper cant pick up.

It is important to use light pressure when removing excess polish with your scraper. Too much pressure will remove too much polish which will then dry too quickly and not pick up properly.

Apply the stamper directly down onto the plate firmly and pull away quickly. Dont press and hold. Same goes for when applying to the finger.

Clean the residue from the stamper with tape or a lint roller. Dont use acetone as it can eat away the surface.

Size: Set

SKU: 12071

UPC: 0646751041390

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