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Crystalline Magical Tray

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 Crystalline Magical Tray
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Product Description

Crystalline Magical Tray

A simple shake is all it takes to flip stones right-side up!
Also great for scooping, pouring and sorting

With just a shake, flat back stones will turn right side up, quickly and easily! The textured surface design of the tray uses friction to flip your stones just like magic! They'll turn flat side down ready to be put into place, saving you time and aggravation. The Magical Tray is designed for use with your favorite flat back stones up to size 12ss.

*Intended for use with flat back stones size 12ss and smaller. Not suitable for acrylic stones. Do not scratch or rub the rubber dots with an hard objects or a fingernail. If the tray or dots get dirty, simply rinse it with water only and rub it gently with your finger. Excessive pressure may cause damage or peeling of the dots.

Note: Color is an indication only and shade may vary depending on your monitor or printer.

SKU: 13533

UPC: 0861083291400

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