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CND Retention + Liquid 4 oz

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 CND Retention + Liquid 4 oz
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Product Description

Nails are an expression of individuality - as unique as your own fingerprints. And because every client has specific needs, we've developed an array of patented sculpting liquids that work in tandem with our wide selection of sculpting powders. Creative Nail Design's innovative liquid technology creates a covalent bond directly to the nail's keratin, eliminating the need for harsh primers or roughing of the natural nail. The result? A nail enhancement that's safe, sanitary and actually protects the natural nail. Retention + is a cross-linking sculpting liquid that bonds to keratin. Creates enhancements with superior adhesion to the natural nail. Ideal for clients with enhancements that are prone to lifting.
Size: 4 oz

SKU: 4720

UPC: 0639370023076

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