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Revolution Kabuki Domed BX-15 Small

 Royal & Langnickel
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 Revolution Kabuki Domed BX-15 Small
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Product Description

Compact Blush or Bronzer application.

Our Revolution line pushes the limits of brush performance and durability.

With brush heads made of new synthetic fibers that mimic the performance and feel of the finest natural hairs available. Incredibly soft and extremely durable you'll be amazed to discover the revolution.

Titanium Plated Ferrule
Acrylic Handle with "Soft Touch" Coating
Newly Developed Synthetic Filaments that does not shed or break, cleans easier, dries faster and is always soft to touch.
Can be used equally well with either wet or dry product application

1. Do not store brushes in cramped quarters where the hairs can get bent out of shape and break.
2. While brushes are not made to last forever, good care can help extend their life time significantly.
3. The Revolution brush handle is made of acrylic polymer that is resistant to water damage. The brushes can be safely rinsed in running water when cleaning. We do not suggest leaving Revolution brushes submerged in water, cleansing agents or solvents as this will eventually compromise the brush assembly. It is advisable to thoroughly dry the brush handle/ferrule assembly after each cleaning.
5. Occassionally, you can clean the brushes with a gentle shampoo, reshape and air to dry completely before use.
6. Be gentle when cleaning brushes. Coarse scrubbing can permanently damage the hairs.

Liquid-based product: Rinse the brush several times in clean water. Lather (use a good brush cleaner or gentle shampoo) up the brush and swirl it around in the palm of your hand, then rinse; continue until all of the rinse water is colorless and all of the cleaner is removed.

Powder Product: Rinse the brush in warm water. When the entire brush head is damp use a gentle shampoo until all of the color is removed. Gently rinse the brush to remove all soap. Reshape the brushes and lie flat to dry completely.

"I was frustrated because I couldn't find makeup brushes that worked as hard as I do...
That changed the day Royal & Langnickel asked me to help them create the ultimate makeup artist tools."

Kevin James Bennett
Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist
Size: Small

SKU: 9571

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