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Epillyss Trial Kit

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 Epillyss Trial Kit
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Product Description


* 4 different types of lukewarm waxes (4 oz / 115 ml each)
o Sensor Depilatory Gel - lukewarm wax with essential oils. The presence of trace-elements amplifies the adherence on the hairs and reduces the traction on the skin.The presence of extracts of lavender, lemon and minerals gives it its silky texture and aqua-pearl color.
o White Queen Lukewarm Wax - lukewarm wax with essential oils. Epillyss's greatest selling product ever! This white and milky easy-to-apply wax offers a special touch of the zinc oxide renowned for its purifying and antiseptic properties often used in the treatment of skin with signs of acne or eczema.This raw material is also used as an anti-UV protection agent.
o Millenia Depilatory Gel - lukewarm wax with essential oils. Thanks to Biorésine C3, Millenia enjoys vasodilatator properties which reduce the feeling of pain,redness and soreness. The rich purple colour is a reminder of the lavender essential oil inserted in the making-up of this creamy and exceptional textured wax.
o Azulen Lukewarm Wax - lukewarm wax with essential oils. Azulen is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent drawn from the flowery German camomile, also called 'Matricaire'. Its dark blue colour and stronger scent are a complement to its healing and antiphlogistic properties. Numerous experiments clearly proved its undeniable efficiency for various skin inflammations such as eczema and urticaria in particular.
* 2 different types of hard waxes (4 oz / 115 ml each)
o Novatherm Hard Wax - Hard Wax with Essential Oils - a no-strip-needed depilatory wax especially created for face depilation! A rich cocktail of fruity aromas boiling over with virtues! The great popularity of this wax arises from its greedy flavor of watermelon, combined with antiseptic and bactericidal properties of citronella. Because of its supple and elastic texture, Novatherm Hard Wax is highly recommended for depilation of sensitive areas such as the face. From now on, the hot wax depilation experience will remain a moment of comfort and contentment for both the beauty specialist and the customer!
o Millenia Hard Wax - Specially launched for "No-Strip" depilation of the Brazilian Bikini-line. This hard, peel-off wax ensures control and assurance to its users. The antiseptic, anti-bacterial and soothing properties of Lavender Essential Oil make this wax perfect for hair removal in the most intimate zones!
* 2.5" x 10 yards of high quality cotton roll
* 6 wooden spatulas

SKU: 3967

UPC: 0628489007015

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