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Gehwol Gerlasan Deodorant 150 ml

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 Gehwol Gerlasan Deodorant 150 ml
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SKU: 1188

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Product Description

Long-lasting deodorisation
Freshness for day and night

The mild Gerlasan achselfrisch (axilla fresh) normalises perspiration and provides care with well-tried skin protecting substances. The scent is clean and discreet.
Gerlasan achselfrisch does not leave any stains.
It is an intensive and long-lasting effective deodorant with excellent skin compatibility.

A surprisingly efficient combination of skin-friendly deodorants prevents the spread of bacteria from decomposed perspiration in two ways:
1) The spread of bacteria that decompose sweat is prevented,
2) Enzymes that decompose sweat are reliably inactivated.

Made in Germany
Size: 150 ml

SKU: 1188

UPC: 4013474200032

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