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La Palm Alcohol 70% SM 16 oz

 La Palm Products
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 La Palm Alcohol 70% SM 16 oz
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Product Description


This is an antiseptic that can be used to sterilize and disinfect.

It is also a great and effective choice to prep and clean the artificial nails, removing residue, oil and particles while cleansing. It also removes the tacky residue from cured UV gel products.

Why is 70% alcohol a more effective antiseptic than 100% alcohol?
Because alcohol causes protein to coagulate on contact, a 100% solution coming into contact with a microorganism creates a hardened protein wall around the outside of the organism, rather than permeating into its interior. Because microorganisms can be very resilient, this protein shell only causes dormancy rather than death. This can lead to revival and a continuation the cycle of reproduction under the right circumstances. At a purity of 70%, however, the alcohol causes coagulation to occur more gradually, slowing down the microorganism from the inside out until it eventually dies.
Size: 16 oz

SKU: 2584

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