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    Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
  Aqua 340 Lashes    Aqua 340 Lashes 
  Aqua 344 Lashes    Aqua 344 Lashes 
  Aqua 341 Lashes    Aqua 341 Lashes 
  Aqua 345 Lashes    Aqua 345 Lashes 
  Aqua 343 Lashes    Aqua 343 Lashes 
  Aqua 342 Lashes    Aqua 342 Lashes 
  Aqua 346 Lashes    Aqua 346 Lashes 
  Aqua 349 Lashes    Aqua 349 Lashes 
  Aqua 348 Lashes    Aqua 348 Lashes 
  Soft Touch 160 Lashes    Soft Touch 160 Lashes 
  Ardell Lash Magic 3D Primer .35 oz    Ardell Lash Magic 3D Primer .35 oz 
  Aqua 347 Lashes    Aqua 347 Lashes 
  Remy 776 Lashes    Remy 776 Lashes 
  Ardell 142 Lashes    Ardell 142 Lashes 
  Studio Effects 232 Lashes    Studio Effects 232 Lashes 
  Aqua 110 Lashes    Aqua 110 Lashes 
  Lash beLong Eye Gel Pads 24/Pack    Lash beLong Eye Gel Pads 24/Pack 
  Silk Lash Comb BC515    Silk Lash Comb BC515 
 C$9.99  C$6.99 
  Soft Touch 163 Lashes    Soft Touch 163 Lashes 
  Studio Effects 231 Lashes    Studio Effects 231 Lashes 
  Faux Mink 814 Lashes    Faux Mink 814 Lashes 
  Ardell 111 Lashes    Ardell 111 Lashes 
  Individuals Lower Lash KF    Individuals Lower Lash KF 
  Aqua Demi Wispies Lashes    Aqua Demi Wispies Lashes 
  Ardell 141 Lashes    Ardell 141 Lashes 
  Soft Touch 152 Lashes    Soft Touch 152 Lashes 
  Multipack Faux Mink 815 4/Pack    Multipack Faux Mink 815 4/Pack 
  Studio Effects 230 Lashes    Studio Effects 230 Lashes 
  Studio Effects 105 Lashes    Studio Effects 105 Lashes 
  Line It Lash It 2-in-1 Dual BB .09 oz    Line It Lash It 2-in-1 Dual BB .09 oz 
  Studio Effects 110 Lashes    Studio Effects 110 Lashes 
  Soft Touch 150 Lashes    Soft Touch 150 Lashes 
  Ardell Ombre Pink    Ardell Ombre Pink 
  Ardell 386 Spiky    Ardell 386 Spiky 
  Ardell 390 Spiky    Ardell 390 Spiky 
  Ardell 387 Spiky    Ardell 387 Spiky 
  Ardell 388 Spiky    Ardell 388 Spiky 
  Soft Touch 156 Lashes    Soft Touch 156 Lashes 
  Soft Touch 151 Lashes    Soft Touch 151 Lashes 
  Soft Touch 161 Lashes    Soft Touch 161 Lashes 
  Remy 777 Lashes    Remy 777 Lashes 
  Naked 423 Lashes    Naked 423 Lashes 
  she gloo Eyelash Adhesive Clear 7 g    she gloo Eyelash Adhesive Clear 7 g 
 C$6.95  C$5.56 
  Soft Touch 162 Lashes    Soft Touch 162 Lashes 
  Multipack Wispies 5/Pack    Multipack Wispies 5/Pack 
  Remy 781 Lashes    Remy 781 Lashes 
  Duo Adhesive Clear Large .5 oz    Duo Adhesive Clear Large .5 oz 
  Remy 778 Lashes    Remy 778 Lashes 
  Remy 780 Lashes    Remy 780 Lashes 
  Multipack Wispies 113 5/Pack    Multipack Wispies 113 5/Pack 
  Ardell 412 Curvy    Ardell 412 Curvy 
  Ardell 414 Curvy    Ardell 414 Curvy 
  Ardell 174 Lashes    Ardell 174 Lashes 
  Multipack Mega Volume 252 4/Pack    Multipack Mega Volume 252 4/Pack 
  LashGrip Adhesive Biotin Dark .18 oz    LashGrip Adhesive Biotin Dark .18 oz 
  Remy 782 Lashes    Remy 782 Lashes 
  Aqua Glam Stippling Brush    Aqua Glam Stippling Brush 
 C$12.95  C$7.77 
  Aqua Glam Pro Contour Brush    Aqua Glam Pro Contour Brush 
 C$14.95  C$8.97 
  Remy 775 Lashes    Remy 775 Lashes 
  Naked 422 Lashes    Naked 422 Lashes 
  Line It Lash It 2-in-1 CLEAR .12 oz    Line It Lash It 2-in-1 CLEAR .12 oz 
  Magnetic Liquid Liner 3.5 g    Magnetic Liquid Liner 3.5 g 
  Line It Lash It 2-in-1 BLACK .12 oz    Line It Lash It 2-in-1 BLACK .12 oz 
  Faux Mink 817 Lashes    Faux Mink 817 Lashes 
  Naked 424 Lashes    Naked 424 Lashes 
  LashGrip Adhesive Biotin Clear .18 oz    LashGrip Adhesive Biotin Clear .18 oz 
  Duo Active Adhesive Black .16 oz    Duo Active Adhesive Black .16 oz 
  Multipack Double Up 207 4/Pack    Multipack Double Up 207 4/Pack 
  Individuals Trios Medium Medium    Individuals Trios Medium Medium 
  Individuals Trios Long Long    Individuals Trios Long Long 
  Individuals Trios Short Short    Individuals Trios Short Short 
  Duo Adhesive Dark Small .25 oz    Duo Adhesive Dark Small .25 oz 
  Duo Adhesive Dark Large .5 oz    Duo Adhesive Dark Large .5 oz 
  Naked 428 Lashes    Naked 428 Lashes 
  Duo Adhesive Clear Small .25 oz    Duo Adhesive Clear Small .25 oz 
  Naked 429 Lashes    Naked 429 Lashes 
  Naked 421 Lashes    Naked 421 Lashes 
  Red Cherry Eyelash Applicator    Red Cherry Eyelash Applicator 
 C$6.95  C$5.56 
  Individuals Faux Mink KF SML Combo    Individuals Faux Mink KF SML Combo 
  Art Club Sand Aqua    Art Club Sand Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Silk Brow/Lash Groom BC521    Silk Brow/Lash Groom BC521 
 C$9.99  C$6.99 
  Faux Mink 813 Lashes    Faux Mink 813 Lashes 
  Silk Lash Fan BC525    Silk Lash Fan BC525 
 C$5.99  C$4.19 
  Faux Mink Wispies Lashes    Faux Mink Wispies Lashes 
  Faux Mink Demi Wispies Lashes    Faux Mink Demi Wispies Lashes 
  Lift Effect 742 Lashes    Lift Effect 742 Lashes 
  Ardell 8D Lashes 951    Ardell 8D Lashes 951 
  Faux Mink 810 Lashes    Faux Mink 810 Lashes 
  Ardell 8D Lashes 952    Ardell 8D Lashes 952 
  Extension FX D-Curl Lashes    Extension FX D-Curl Lashes 
  Extension FX L-Curl Lashes    Extension FX L-Curl Lashes 
  Extension FX C-Curl Lashes    Extension FX C-Curl Lashes 
  Magnetic Accents 002 Lashes    Magnetic Accents 002 Lashes 
  Naked 427 Lashes    Naked 427 Lashes 
  Extension FX B-Curl Lashes    Extension FX B-Curl Lashes 
  Red Cherry Midnight Lash Oil 2 oz    Red Cherry Midnight Lash Oil 2 oz 
 C$17.95  C$14.36 
  Lift Effect 743 Lashes    Lift Effect 743 Lashes 
  Naked 425 Lashes    Naked 425 Lashes 
  Art Club Ice Aqua    Art Club Ice Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Ardell Classic Lash Extension Kit    Ardell Classic Lash Extension Kit 
  Ardell 8D Lashes 950    Ardell 8D Lashes 950 
  Ardell 8D Lashes 953    Ardell 8D Lashes 953 
  Faux Mink 812 Lashes    Faux Mink 812 Lashes 
  Mascara & Lash Faux Mink Kit Set    Mascara & Lash Faux Mink Kit Set 
  Faux Mink 811 Lashes    Faux Mink 811 Lashes 
  Lift Effect 744 Lashes    Lift Effect 744 Lashes 
  Faux Mink 815 Lashes    Faux Mink 815 Lashes 
  Ardell Ombre Blue    Ardell Ombre Blue 
  Ardell False Lash Cleaning Kit 7.5 ml    Ardell False Lash Cleaning Kit 7.5 ml 
  Oumaxi 3D Paint Aqua Green 22 ml    Oumaxi 3D Paint Aqua Green 22 ml 
  Multipack Double Up 203 4/Pack    Multipack Double Up 203 4/Pack 
  Lift Effect 745 Lashes    Lift Effect 745 Lashes 
  Multipack 105 Lashes 5/Pack    Multipack 105 Lashes 5/Pack 
  Naked 433 Lashes    Naked 433 Lashes 
  Art Club Threads Aqua    Art Club Threads Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Eyelash Curler Precision 3"    Eyelash Curler Precision 3" 
  Lift Effect 741 Lashes    Lift Effect 741 Lashes 
  Art Club Holo Stars Aqua    Art Club Holo Stars Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Mega Volume 259 Lashes    Mega Volume 259 Lashes 
  Mega Volume 258 Lashes    Mega Volume 258 Lashes 
  Naked 431 Lashes    Naked 431 Lashes 
  Multipack 3D Faux Mink 853 4/Pack    Multipack 3D Faux Mink 853 4/Pack 
  Individuals Triple Flares KF S    Individuals Triple Flares KF S 
  Mega Volume 257 Lashes    Mega Volume 257 Lashes 
  Amazing Shine Aqua Jar 1 oz    Amazing Shine Aqua Jar 1 oz 
  Studio Effects Wispies    Studio Effects Wispies 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Aqua    Art Club Holo Hearts Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Ardell Pro Lash Curler    Ardell Pro Lash Curler 
  Art Club Crushed Shell Aqua    Art Club Crushed Shell Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Mega Volume 262 Lashes    Mega Volume 262 Lashes 
  Multipack Naked Lashes 421 4/Pack    Multipack Naked Lashes 421 4/Pack 
  Multipack Naked Lashes 422 4/Pack    Multipack Naked Lashes 422 4/Pack 
  Mega Volume 261 Lashes    Mega Volume 261 Lashes 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Aqua    Art Club Holo Flowers Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Mega Volume 256 Lashes    Mega Volume 256 Lashes 
  Mega Volume 263 Lashes    Mega Volume 263 Lashes 
  TexturEyes 585 Lashes    TexturEyes 585 Lashes 
  Mega Volume 260 Lashes    Mega Volume 260 Lashes 
  TexturEyes 583 Lashes    TexturEyes 583 Lashes 
  TexturEyes 581 Lashes    TexturEyes 581 Lashes 
  Individuals Flares KF Short    Individuals Flares KF Short 
  TexturEyes 586 Lashes    TexturEyes 586 Lashes 
  TexturEyes 584 Lashes    TexturEyes 584 Lashes 
  BBL Lashes Hottie    BBL Lashes Hottie 
  Lift Effect 740 Lashes    Lift Effect 740 Lashes 
  Individuals Double KF Short    Individuals Double KF Short 
  Ardell Lower 112 Lashes    Ardell Lower 112 Lashes 
  Individuals Double KF Medium    Individuals Double KF Medium 
  Individuals Double Up KF Long    Individuals Double Up KF Long 
  ECO 455 Lashes    ECO 455 Lashes 
  Ardell Faux Mink Mascara 7 g    Ardell Faux Mink Mascara 7 g 
 C$15.95  C$7.98 
  Moda Brow Lash Groomer Brush    Moda Brow Lash Groomer Brush 
  Art Club 038 Aqua .25 oz    Art Club 038 Aqua .25 oz 
 C$3.50  C$1.75 
  Naked 432 Lashes    Naked 432 Lashes 
  Active Lash Gainz    Active Lash Gainz 
  Multipack Double Up 204 4/Pack    Multipack Double Up 204 4/Pack 
  BBL Lashes Thicc    BBL Lashes Thicc 
  Amazing Shine Aqua Small    Amazing Shine Aqua Small 
  Ardell Adhesive LashTite Dark .125 oz    Ardell Adhesive LashTite Dark .125 oz 
  Ardell Adhesive LashTite Clear .125 oz    Ardell Adhesive LashTite Clear .125 oz 
  Ardell LashFree Remover 5 ml    Ardell LashFree Remover 5 ml 
  Ardell LashFree Remover 59 ml    Ardell LashFree Remover 59 ml 
  Naked 430 Lashes    Naked 430 Lashes 
  BBL Lashes Poppin    BBL Lashes Poppin 
  Multipack Naked Lashes 423 4/Pack    Multipack Naked Lashes 423 4/Pack 
  Wispies 703 Lashes    Wispies 703 Lashes 
  Active Lash Pump'n    Active Lash Pump'n 
  TexturEyes 575 Lashes    TexturEyes 575 Lashes 
  Multipack Naked Lashes 424 4/Pack    Multipack Naked Lashes 424 4/Pack 
  Top + Bottom Mascara Ebony 7.2 g    Top + Bottom Mascara Ebony 7.2 g 
 C$17.95  C$8.98 
  TexturEyes 580 Lashes    TexturEyes 580 Lashes 
  TexturEyes 579 Lashes    TexturEyes 579 Lashes 
  BBL Lashes Follow Me    BBL Lashes Follow Me 
  TexturEyes 578 Lashes    TexturEyes 578 Lashes 
  Active Lash Speedy    Active Lash Speedy 
  Individuals Faux Mink KF Short    Individuals Faux Mink KF Short 
  Individuals Faux Mink KF Medium    Individuals Faux Mink KF Medium 
  Individuals Faux Mink KF Long    Individuals Faux Mink KF Long 
  TexturEyes 576 Lashes    TexturEyes 576 Lashes 
  Active Lash Chin Up    Active Lash Chin Up 
  Active Lash Soak It Up    Active Lash Soak It Up 
  TexturEyes 577 Lashes    TexturEyes 577 Lashes 
  ECO 454 Lashes    ECO 454 Lashes 
  Ardell 4D Building Mascara .35 oz    Ardell 4D Building Mascara .35 oz 
  KS G701 Ombre Glow Lash Out 15 ml    KS G701 Ombre Glow Lash Out 15 ml 
  ECO 453 Lashes    ECO 453 Lashes 
  Silk SM Flat Smudger BC447    Silk SM Flat Smudger BC447 
 C$7.99  C$5.59 
  Silk Flat Smudger BC446    Silk Flat Smudger BC446 
 C$12.99  C$9.09 
  Color Club LSCN04 Age of Aqua 15 ml    Color Club LSCN04 Age of Aqua 15 ml 
  Ardell 135 Lashes    Ardell 135 Lashes 
  Active Lash Physical    Active Lash Physical 
  ECO 450 Lashes    ECO 450 Lashes 
  Studio Effects Demi Wispies    Studio Effects Demi Wispies 
  Ardell Dual Lash Applicator    Ardell Dual Lash Applicator 
  ECO 451 Lashes    ECO 451 Lashes 
  China Glaze I Truly Azure You 14 ml    China Glaze I Truly Azure You 14 ml 
  Faux Mink 3D 858 Lashes    Faux Mink 3D 858 Lashes 
  Faux Mink 3D 860 Lashes    Faux Mink 3D 860 Lashes 
  Amazing Shine Crystals 530011 90 pcs    Amazing Shine Crystals 530011 90 pcs 
  Faux Mink 3D 861 Lashes    Faux Mink 3D 861 Lashes 
  Red Cherry Passion    Red Cherry Passion 
  Red Cherry Desire    Red Cherry Desire 
  Red Cherry Harmony    Red Cherry Harmony 
  Faux Mink 3D 859 Lashes    Faux Mink 3D 859 Lashes 
  TexturEyes 582 Lashes    TexturEyes 582 Lashes 
  Color Club N48 Montego BAE 15 ml    Color Club N48 Montego BAE 15 ml 
  Multipack 3D Faux MInk 858 4/Pack    Multipack 3D Faux MInk 858 4/Pack 
  Red Cherry Eternal    Red Cherry Eternal 
  Red Cherry Freedom    Red Cherry Freedom 
  Red Cherry Pure    Red Cherry Pure 
  Red Cherry Divinity    Red Cherry Divinity 
  INM Aqua Falls .5 oz    INM Aqua Falls .5 oz 
  Naked 420 Lashes    Naked 420 Lashes 
  No Gravity Gel 500 ml    No Gravity Gel 500 ml 
  Wispies 705 Lashes    Wispies 705 Lashes 
  Multipack Demi Wispies 4/Pack    Multipack Demi Wispies 4/Pack 
 C$19.95  C$13.97 
  Wispies 702 Lashes    Wispies 702 Lashes 
  Wispies 704 Lashes    Wispies 704 Lashes 
  Individuals Mega Flare KF M    Individuals Mega Flare KF M 
  Individuals Mega Flare KF S    Individuals Mega Flare KF S 
  Individuals Mega Flare KF L    Individuals Mega Flare KF L 
  Fame Chaser Liquid Liner White    Fame Chaser Liquid Liner White 
 C$12.95  C$8.42 
  Fame Chaser Liquid Liner Black    Fame Chaser Liquid Liner Black 
  Multipack 101 & Applicator 5/Pack    Multipack 101 & Applicator 5/Pack 
  Fame Chaser Liquid Liner Brown    Fame Chaser Liquid Liner Brown 
 C$12.95  C$8.42 
  CC Gel N48 Montego Bae 15 ml    CC Gel N48 Montego Bae 15 ml 
  Moda Pro 5PC Bold Eye Kit    Moda Pro 5PC Bold Eye Kit 
  One Developer Plus Litre    One Developer Plus Litre 
  Wispies 113 Lashes    Wispies 113 Lashes 
 C$5.95  C$3.95 
  Ardell 122 Lashes    Ardell 122 Lashes 
  Ardell 107 Lashes    Ardell 107 Lashes 
  BBL Lashes Bae    BBL Lashes Bae 
  Art Club Sand Red    Art Club Sand Red 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Looks to Kill Steal The Show    Looks to Kill Steal The Show 
 C$18.95  C$12.32 
  Shellac Aqua-intance .25 oz    Shellac Aqua-intance .25 oz 
  Art Club Sand Green    Art Club Sand Green 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Sand Purple    Art Club Sand Purple 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Sand Yellow    Art Club Sand Yellow 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Sand Rose    Art Club Sand Rose 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Sand Orange    Art Club Sand Orange 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Silkline File 120/320 Blue 50/Box    Silkline File 120/320 Blue 50/Box 
  Moda Pro Lash    Moda Pro Lash 
  Double Up 113 Lashes    Double Up 113 Lashes 
  Double Up 211 Lashes    Double Up 211 Lashes 
  Double Up 210 Lashes    Double Up 210 Lashes 
  Double Up 213 Lashes    Double Up 213 Lashes 
  Red Cherry Femme Flare    Red Cherry Femme Flare 
 C$14.95  C$11.96 
  Ardell Wispies Clusters 600    Ardell Wispies Clusters 600 
  Red Cherry All Tiered Up    Red Cherry All Tiered Up 
 C$14.95  C$11.96 
  Silkline File 120/320 Blue Single    Silkline File 120/320 Blue Single 
  Ardell 403 Edgy    Ardell 403 Edgy 
  Ardell 401 Edgy    Ardell 401 Edgy 
  Ardell 402 Edgy    Ardell 402 Edgy 
  Art Club Ice Red    Art Club Ice Red 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  OPI Swiss Blue Hand Soap 27 ml    OPI Swiss Blue Hand Soap 27 ml 
  Looks to Kill Sultry Night Out Palette    Looks to Kill Sultry Night Out Palette 
 C$18.95  C$12.32 
  Kryolan Glamour Sparks Aqua 3 g    Kryolan Glamour Sparks Aqua 3 g 
 C$22.95  C$20.66 
  Moda Prismatic 10pc Deluxe Gift Kit    Moda Prismatic 10pc Deluxe Gift Kit 
 C$62.50  C$43.75 
  Moda Beautiful Eyes Blue 7 pc    Moda Beautiful Eyes Blue 7 pc 
  Ardell 137 Glamour    Ardell 137 Glamour 
  Ardell 139 Glamour    Ardell 139 Glamour 
  Kryolan Synthetic Nasal Mucus 100 ml    Kryolan Synthetic Nasal Mucus 100 ml 
 C$34.95  C$31.46 
  Kryolan Synthetic Pus Effect 100 ml    Kryolan Synthetic Pus Effect 100 ml 
 C$34.95  C$31.46 
  Moda Beautiful Eyes Black 7 pc Set    Moda Beautiful Eyes Black 7 pc Set 
 C$19.99  C$13.99 
  Moda Beautiful Eyes Purple 7 pc Set    Moda Beautiful Eyes Purple 7 pc Set 
  Art Club Ice Gold    Art Club Ice Gold 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Kryolan Transparent Jelly 100 ml    Kryolan Transparent Jelly 100 ml 
 C$15.50  C$13.95 
  Moda Pro Line    Moda Pro Line 
  Double Up 203 Lashes    Double Up 203 Lashes 
  Double Up 206 Lashes    Double Up 206 Lashes 
  Double Up 201 Lashes    Double Up 201 Lashes 
  Double Up 204 Lashes    Double Up 204 Lashes 
  Double Up 202 Lashes    Double Up 202 Lashes 
  Double Up 205 Lashes    Double Up 205 Lashes 
  Ardell Wispies Clusters 603    Ardell Wispies Clusters 603 
 C$5.95  C$3.95 
  Art Club Stars Rose    Art Club Stars Rose 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Cala Luxury Mascara Brush    Cala Luxury Mascara Brush 
 C$10.99  C$6.59 
  Double Up Demi Wispies Lashes    Double Up Demi Wispies Lashes 
  Mega Volume 250 Lashes    Mega Volume 250 Lashes 
  Color Club 1243 Stay Breezy 15 ml    Color Club 1243 Stay Breezy 15 ml 
  Double Up Double Wispies Lashes    Double Up Double Wispies Lashes 
  Red Cherry Lucinda    Red Cherry Lucinda 
 C$6.00  C$4.80 
  Mega Volume 251 Lashes    Mega Volume 251 Lashes 
  Mega Volume 252 Lashes    Mega Volume 252 Lashes 
  GiGi Wax Off Remover 32 oz    GiGi Wax Off Remover 32 oz 
  Duo Quick Set Adhesive Clear 5 g    Duo Quick Set Adhesive Clear 5 g 
  Moda Pro Smudge    Moda Pro Smudge 
  Duo Quick Set Adhesive Dark 5 g    Duo Quick Set Adhesive Dark 5 g 
  Art Club Holo Stars Red    Art Club Holo Stars Red 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Kryolan HD Blood Gel Dark    Kryolan HD Blood Gel Dark 
 C$21.95  C$19.76 
  Silk Short Flat Liner BC456    Silk Short Flat Liner BC456 
 C$7.99  C$5.59 
  Art Club Holo Stars Black    Art Club Holo Stars Black 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Stars Blue    Art Club Holo Stars Blue 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Stars Green    Art Club Holo Stars Green 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Stars Silver    Art Club Holo Stars Silver 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Stars Purple    Art Club Holo Stars Purple 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Stars Pink    Art Club Holo Stars Pink 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Kryolan HD Blood Gel Light 50 ml    Kryolan HD Blood Gel Light 50 ml 
 C$21.95  C$19.76 
  CC Gel 1243 Stay Breezy, Baby 15 ml    CC Gel 1243 Stay Breezy, Baby 15 ml 
  Beauty So Clean Brush Cleanser 125 ml    Beauty So Clean Brush Cleanser 125 ml 
 C$14.99  C$8.99 
  Silk Eyebrow/Liner BC495    Silk Eyebrow/Liner BC495 
 C$5.99  C$4.19 
  Silk Pointed Liner BC440    Silk Pointed Liner BC440 
 C$7.99  C$5.59 
  Art Club Crushed Shell Red    Art Club Crushed Shell Red 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Charms Aqua    Art Club Charms Aqua 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Pink    Art Club Holo Hearts Pink 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Gold    Art Club Holo Hearts Gold 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Black    Art Club Holo Hearts Black 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Rose    Art Club Holo Hearts Rose 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Green    Art Club Holo Hearts Green 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Silver    Art Club Holo Hearts Silver 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Purple    Art Club Holo Hearts Purple 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Hearts Blue    Art Club Holo Hearts Blue 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Red Cherry Dasha    Red Cherry Dasha 
 C$14.95  C$11.96 
  Moda Pro Angle Eyeliner Brush    Moda Pro Angle Eyeliner Brush 
  Princessa Beauty Care Brush Set Pack    Princessa Beauty Care Brush Set Pack 
 C$2.75  C$1.65 
  Red Cherry Meri Cate    Red Cherry Meri Cate 
 C$9.95  C$7.96 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Red    Art Club Holo Flowers Red 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Crushed Shell Pink    Art Club Crushed Shell Pink 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Crushed Shell Green    Art Club Crushed Shell Green 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Crushed Shell Rose    Art Club Crushed Shell Rose 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Crushed Shell Purple    Art Club Crushed Shell Purple 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Crushed Shell Yellow    Art Club Crushed Shell Yellow 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Terme Extreme Developer 20 Vol 1 Litre    Terme Extreme Developer 20 Vol 1 Litre 
  Red Cherry Savana    Red Cherry Savana 
 C$9.95  C$7.96 
  Individuals Trios Soft Touch SM Combo    Individuals Trios Soft Touch SM Combo 
  Red Cherry Delphine    Red Cherry Delphine 
 C$9.95  C$7.96 
  Art Club Holo Flower Purple    Art Club Holo Flower Purple 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Silk Pointed Liner BC441-S    Silk Pointed Liner BC441-S 
 C$5.99  C$4.19 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Blue    Art Club Holo Flowers Blue 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Peridot    Art Club Holo Flowers Peridot 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Green    Art Club Holo Flowers Green 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Gold    Art Club Holo Flowers Gold 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Pink    Art Club Holo Flowers Pink 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Rose    Art Club Holo Flowers Rose 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Topaz    Art Club Holo Flowers Topaz 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Art Club Holo Flowers Black    Art Club Holo Flowers Black 
 C$4.99  C$2.99 
  Red Cherry Blair    Red Cherry Blair 
 C$14.95  C$11.96 
  Mega Volume 254 Lashes    Mega Volume 254 Lashes 
  Mega Volume 255 Lashes    Mega Volume 255 Lashes 
  Mega Volume 253 Lashes    Mega Volume 253 Lashes 
  Kryolan Wound Filler Dark 50 ml    Kryolan Wound Filler Dark 50 ml 
 C$17.95  C$16.16 
  KS Rub On Holo Surf's Up 1 g    KS Rub On Holo Surf's Up 1 g 
  Kryolan Wound Filler Light 50 ml    Kryolan Wound Filler Light 50 ml 
 C$17.95  C$16.16 
  Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S4    Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S4 
 C$17.95  C$16.16 
  KS Glitter 225 Ocean Breeze 1 oz    KS Glitter 225 Ocean Breeze 1 oz 
  Multipack Mega Volume 253 4/Pack    Multipack Mega Volume 253 4/Pack 
  Red Cherry The X Effect    Red Cherry The X Effect 
 C$16.95  C$13.56 
  Red Cherry Georgina    Red Cherry Georgina 
 C$14.95  C$11.96 
  Ardell 803 Flawless    Ardell 803 Flawless 
  Kryolan The Crazy Doll Kit    Kryolan The Crazy Doll Kit 
 C$99.95  C$89.96 
  Multipack Naked Lashes 420 4/Pack    Multipack Naked Lashes 420 4/Pack 
  Kryolan F/X Blood Light 50 ml    Kryolan F/X Blood Light 50 ml 
 C$9.50  C$8.55 
  Kryolan F/X Blood Dark 50 ml    Kryolan F/X Blood Dark 50 ml 
 C$9.50  C$8.55 
  Silk Sponge Smudger BC436    Silk Sponge Smudger BC436 
 C$7.99  C$5.59 
  Moda Total Face Blue 7 pc Set    Moda Total Face Blue 7 pc Set 
  Moda Total Face Black 7 pc Set    Moda Total Face Black 7 pc Set 
  Moda Total Face White 7 pc Set    Moda Total Face White 7 pc Set 
  INM Tropical Collection Kit 12pk(025 oz)    INM Tropical Collection Kit 12pk(025 oz) 
  Multipack Double Up 205 4/Pack    Multipack Double Up 205 4/Pack 
  Individuals 3D KF Med    Individuals 3D KF Med 
  Lash Glue Ring 2-slot LARGE 100 pcs/Bag    Lash Glue Ring 2-slot LARGE 100 pcs/Bag 
  SILK Travel Natural Brush 12 pc Set    SILK Travel Natural Brush 12 pc Set 
 C$120.00  C$84.00 
  Individuals 3D KF Long    Individuals 3D KF Long 
  Individuals 3D KF Short    Individuals 3D KF Short 
  Silk Smudger BC422    Silk Smudger BC422 
 C$7.99  C$5.59 
  Dip Powder 142 Love Struck 1 oz    Dip Powder 142 Love Struck 1 oz 
  Lash Glue Ring 2-slot LARGE Single    Lash Glue Ring 2-slot LARGE Single 
  Cirepil Post Refreshing Gel 200 ml    Cirepil Post Refreshing Gel 200 ml 
  Cirepil Post Refreshing Gel 500 ml    Cirepil Post Refreshing Gel 500 ml 
  Individuals Double Up Medium Medium    Individuals Double Up Medium Medium 
  Individuals Double Up Short Short    Individuals Double Up Short Short 
  Individuals Double Up Long Long    Individuals Double Up Long Long 
  Individuals Flares KF Medium    Individuals Flares KF Medium 
  Individuals Flares KF Long    Individuals Flares KF Long 
  Lash Glue Ring 2-slot SMALL 100 pcs/Bag    Lash Glue Ring 2-slot SMALL 100 pcs/Bag 
  Kryolan The Fairy Girl Kit    Kryolan The Fairy Girl Kit 
 C$88.95  C$80.06 
  Kryolan HD Blood Light Arterial 15 ml    Kryolan HD Blood Light Arterial 15 ml 
 C$6.50  C$5.85 
  Kryolan HD Blood Dark Arterial 15 ml    Kryolan HD Blood Dark Arterial 15 ml 
 C$6.50  C$5.85 
  OPI Can't Find My Czechbook 15 ml    OPI Can't Find My Czechbook 15 ml 
  Silk LG Smudger BC445    Silk LG Smudger BC445 
 C$9.99  C$6.99 
  Copper Mask Aqua Sky Blue    Copper Mask Aqua Sky Blue 
  Silk Mini Flat Smudger BC402    Silk Mini Flat Smudger BC402 
 C$7.99  C$5.59 
  Silk Smudger BC420    Silk Smudger BC420 
 C$7.99  C$5.59 
  Moda Pro 5PC Mythical Sky Kit    Moda Pro 5PC Mythical Sky Kit 
  Gena Pedi Scrub Exfoliating Gel 8.5 oz    Gena Pedi Scrub Exfoliating Gel 8.5 oz 
  Moda Total Face Purple 7 pc Set    Moda Total Face Purple 7 pc Set 
  Silk Line & Smudger BC421    Silk Line & Smudger BC421 
 C$9.99  C$6.99 
  Silk Mini Smudger BC435    Silk Mini Smudger BC435 
 C$5.99  C$4.19 
  Faux Mink 3D 134 Lashes    Faux Mink 3D 134 Lashes 
  Individuals Flares Long    Individuals Flares Long 
  Individuals Flares Short    Individuals Flares Short 
  Individuals Flares Medium    Individuals Flares Medium 
  Splash Party Waterproof Mascara 8 g    Splash Party Waterproof Mascara 8 g 
 C$15.95  C$10.37 
  Revolution Comb/Spoolie BX-140    Revolution Comb/Spoolie BX-140 
 C$10.99  C$7.69 
  Moda Pro 5PC Rose Complete Kit    Moda Pro 5PC Rose Complete Kit 
  Silkline Mascara Applicators 25/Pack    Silkline Mascara Applicators 25/Pack 
  Gehwol Fusskraft Blue with Pump 500 ml    Gehwol Fusskraft Blue with Pump 500 ml 
  HS Super Moisturizing Cream 150 ml    HS Super Moisturizing Cream 150 ml 
  HS Micellar Cleanser Aloe 250 ml    HS Micellar Cleanser Aloe 250 ml 
  Moda Pro 6PC Mythical Star Kit    Moda Pro 6PC Mythical Star Kit 
  Wanna Get Lucky Liner Ink    Wanna Get Lucky Liner Ink 
  Cirepil Intimate Wax Beads 800 g    Cirepil Intimate Wax Beads 800 g 
  Ardell Face Primer Illuminating 30 ml    Ardell Face Primer Illuminating 30 ml 
 C$12.99  C$7.77 
  HS Whitening Cleanser 150 ml    HS Whitening Cleanser 150 ml 
  Wanna Get Lucky Cobalt    Wanna Get Lucky Cobalt 
 C$10.95  C$7.12 
  Wanna Get Lucky Teddy    Wanna Get Lucky Teddy 
  Wanna Get Lucky Pearl    Wanna Get Lucky Pearl 
 C$10.95  C$7.12 
  Light As Air 521 Lashes    Light As Air 521 Lashes 
  Wanna Get Lucky Purrple Royal    Wanna Get Lucky Purrple Royal 
 C$10.95  C$7.12 
  Bye Bye Blemish Toner 130 ml    Bye Bye Blemish Toner 130 ml 
  Wanna Get Luck Metal Passion    Wanna Get Luck Metal Passion 
 C$10.95  C$7.12 
  HS Papaya Sunblock SPF60 100 ml    HS Papaya Sunblock SPF60 100 ml 
  Cirepil Antiseptic Blue Lotion 1 Litre    Cirepil Antiseptic Blue Lotion 1 Litre 
  Light As Air 522 Lashes    Light As Air 522 Lashes 
  Faux Mink 3D 864 Lashes    Faux Mink 3D 864 Lashes 
  Hair ResQ Hair Spray 240 ml    Hair ResQ Hair Spray 240 ml 
  HS Whitening Day Cream 150 ml    HS Whitening Day Cream 150 ml 
  HS Collagen Firming Cream 150 ml    HS Collagen Firming Cream 150 ml 
  HS Whitening Mud Mask 150 ml    HS Whitening Mud Mask 150 ml 
  Hair ResQ Strong Hold Gel 150 ml    Hair ResQ Strong Hold Gel 150 ml 
  GelColor Can't Find My Czech... 15 ml    GelColor Can't Find My Czech... 15 ml 
  BBL Lashes Cheeky    BBL Lashes Cheeky 
  Shower Milk Almond Matcha 475 ml    Shower Milk Almond Matcha 475 ml 
  HS Whitening Face Wash 150 ml    HS Whitening Face Wash 150 ml 
  HS Whitening Lotion Body 150 ml    HS Whitening Lotion Body 150 ml 
  HS Facial Toner Aloe Cucumber 250 ml    HS Facial Toner Aloe Cucumber 250 ml 
  HS Whitening Gel Polish 150 ml    HS Whitening Gel Polish 150 ml 
  HS Herbal Massage Cream 150 ml    HS Herbal Massage Cream 150 ml 
  BCL Fragrance Free Body Lotion 8 oz    BCL Fragrance Free Body Lotion 8 oz 
  Shower Milk Coconut Chai 475 ml    Shower Milk Coconut Chai 475 ml 
  Shower Gel Lavender 16 oz    Shower Gel Lavender 16 oz 
  Shower Gel Tea Tree 16 oz    Shower Gel Tea Tree 16 oz 
  Eye Kandy Candy Coin Kit    Eye Kandy Candy Coin Kit 
  Eye Kandy Winter Wonderland Kit    Eye Kandy Winter Wonderland Kit 
  Healaxis Healing Cream LRG 60 ml    Healaxis Healing Cream LRG 60 ml 
  Healaxis Healing Cream SM 30 ml    Healaxis Healing Cream SM 30 ml 
  HS Whitening Scrub 150 ml    HS Whitening Scrub 150 ml 
  Hair ResQ Conditioner Normal 12 oz    Hair ResQ Conditioner Normal 12 oz 
  Epillyss Trial Kit    Epillyss Trial Kit 
  HS Dark Spot Cream 150 ml    HS Dark Spot Cream 150 ml 
  HS Whitening Scrub Body 150 ml    HS Whitening Scrub Body 150 ml 
  Ardell Wings Gel Liner Raven    Ardell Wings Gel Liner Raven 


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