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ManiSation Manicure Lotion .5 oz

 Bio Creative Labs
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 ManiSation Manicure Lotion .5 oz
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Product Description

Glycerin, Lime, Vitamin E

Directions: Apply a generous amount of ManiSation Manicure Lotion onto your customer's hands and arms for the most relaxing experience yet! Work the lotion into skin until fully absorbed of the allowed period of the massage.

Key Ingredients: Mandarin to cleanse. Glycerin to moisturize and provide a protective barrier. Chamomile to soothe skin. Vitamin E to nourish and help maintain young skin.

Tips: This is the best time to listen to your customer's needs. As you are massaging take the time to feel the customer's energy and focus on areas that need the most help. This will keep your customer coming back!
If you are giving a longer massage, you can also mis the lotion with an essential oil to maximize the slip.
To give your customer a cozier feeling you can warm up the lotion prior to usage and allow to once again open up the pores for best results!
Size: .5 oz

SKU: 2479

UPC: 0713708822040

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